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Mental patient hijacks police vehicle

Mental patient hijacks police vehicle

Niël Terblanché


A PATIENT who escaped from a mental ward was lightly injured after he crashed a stolen Windhoek City Police vehicle into a barrier on the Western Bypass.


City Police Chief, Abraham Kanime, confirmed the bizarre incident and added that after the driver crashed into the safety barrier next to the Western Bypass, the vehicle rolled over several time.


“One of our traffic officers was attending a scene where some boxes fell off of a truck. The officer was busy directing traffic when an unknown person jumped into the car and drove off at high speed,” Kanime said.



Kanime said that the emergency lights of the traffic vehicle were in use and that the officer therefore had to leave the engine of the vehicle running.


“This enabled the perpetrator to simple get into the vehicle and drive off before crashing into the safety barrier on the Western Bypass,” he said.


According to Kanime, it was established shortly after the incident that the perpetrator escaped from a mental ward at the nearby hospital.


“In fact we were in the process of distributing the bulletin of the escaped mental patient when the incident occurred,” he said.


The patient, who was still dressed in a hospital gown, was treated on the scene of the crash and returned to the health facility for further medical treatment and to be readmitted to the mental ward.


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