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Poachers caught red handed

Poachers caught red handed

Niël Terblanché


EXCELLENT cooperation between the farming community and the Namibian Police in the area of Kapps Farm saw the arrest of three men suspected of poaching wildlife.


According to a member of the farming community, the owner of Farm Bellrode discovered that there are poachers on his property on Sunday afternoon when he saw two strange dogs running through the bushes.


“After a quick search of the area, the owner of Bellrode saw two men running away from his vehicle in the bushes and immediately contacted the members of the district watch and the Namibian Police stationed at Kapps Farm,” he said.


The search for the poachers intensified when members of the district watch arrived on the scene and eventually three men were arrested.



The search party also discovered the carcasses of three warthogs in the bushes near the place where the poachers had been camping for at least three days.


Along with the butchered carcasses, the search party also discovered a variety of spears, knives and snares that the suspects used in the commissioning of their crimes.


During questioning of the three suspects, it came to light that there were two more men that managed to evade arrest.


“We also encountered six dogs used by the poachers to chase down their prey. Two of the dogs were shot while the rest ran away,” the community member said.


The three men were taken into custody and the Namibian Police is still searching for the two remaining poachers.


A breakthrough in the case is expected to be made soon as the suspects who were arrested have identified the two men still on the run.


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