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Stock thieves on the run

Stock thieves on the run

Niël Terblanché


TWO men, 30-year-old Gert Gawanab and 23-year-old Dino Gurirab, who were arrested on charges of stock theft, escaped from police officers while they were in the process of pointing out the crime scene to the detectives.


The escapees are both residents of Farm Gurigaob in the area of Otjimbingwe.


They were arrested in Swakopmund on Friday morning when they were found in possession of carcasses of two donkeys and a cow.


According to the incident report provided by the Namibian Police in the Erongo Region, the suspects could not give a satisfactory explanation about the carcasses in their possession.



After their arrest, detectives from the stock theft sub division took the suspects to the scene near Otjimbingwe where they allegedly slaughtered the stolen livestock to point out certain aspects of the crime scene on Farm Gurigaob.


During this process, both suspects managed to run away from the detectives and made their way to the nearby mountains where they continued to evade officers searching for them.


According to the report, the suspects are well-known to the communities of Otjimbingwe and people residing in Mondesa in Swakopmund.


The Namibian Police in the Erongo Region has requested the members of the public to assist them in tracing the two escapees.


Any member of the public who saw or knows where the two suspects might be is requested to contact Deputy Commissioner Iikuyu at 081 246 4757, Detective Warrant Officer Hermuth Mariine at 081 223 5972, or the nearest Police station.


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