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Police swoops in on cannabis crimes

Police swoops in on cannabis crimes

Staff Reporter


ALLEGED cannabis dealers and users were rounded up from Gobabis to Aroab, and in Keetmanshoop during different police operations.


The biggest finds focus sharply on the transport of drugs by road, especially in the southern parts of Namibia and the main artery from South Africa where cannabis laws were relaxed in an effort to decriminalize the use of cannabis.


According to the police crime report, the first big breakthrough was in Gobabis in a midnight operation near a school in town when a suspect, a 26-years-old Namibian male, was arrested by members of the Namibian police.


He was found in possession of 50 brown parcels of pure cannabis weighing 11.590 grams valued at N$115 900.


A taxi-driver was tracked from Windhoek as a suspected drug transporter.


Near a roadblock, some of the passengers got out of the vehicle and passed without being noticed, according to the report.


The driver proceeded with the remaining passengers to town where they were dropped off before the driver turned back for those that he had off-loaded, allegedly carrying the drugs.


The police arrested some of the carriers.


Police investigations continue.


On Friday, approximately 700 kilometres by road from Gobabis, in a separate incident at Keetmanshoop, a 33-year-old Namibian male was found in possession of 795 grams of cannabis to the value of N$39,795. The suspect will appear in the Keetmanshoop Magistrate Court tomorrow.


On Friday, at the small town of Aroab – halfway between Gobabis and Keetmanshoop – on the eastern gravel roads, a police search of a 23-year-old Namibian male suspect revealed 40grams of cannabis to the value of N$1 200 in his possession.


He was arrested and will also appear in court on Monday.


Police investigations in that matter are also ongoing.

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