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Child molester recorded after abducting young girl

Child molester recorded after abducting young girl

Placido Hilukilwa


RESIDENTS of the Othimbika village in the Oshikoto Region averted a possibly worse fate for a five-year-old girl who was reportedly abducted and sexually assaulted last week Wednesday in the shack of a well known member of the community.


The suspect, 29-year-old Tulonga Shuudifonya, was caught in the act by parents and residents who confronted him and subjected him to intense interrogation on phone camera before notifying the police.


He was subsequently arrested and has appeared in court.



Shuudifonya is accused of fondling the private parts of the five-year-old after he lured her to his room and instructed her to undress.


The police is, however, unhappy with the fact that the victim was recorded and the video uploaded on social media without any attempts to protect her identity.


According to the police regional commander Armas Shivute, the girl was on that fateful day walking with her grandmother to a neighbour’s house at around 18:00, but the elderly woman changed her mind and ordered the girl to return home.


Shuudifonya found the girl on her way home, took her to his bedroom, locked the door and proceeded to sexually violate her.


The girl’s biological father, however, found the suspect’s footprints that led directly to bedroom.


Asked why the girl who entered his room fully dressed was found half naked, Shuudifonya, who was also found only in his underwear, admitted that he told her that only naked people are allowed to lay on his bed.


The man who recorded the incident, who is said to be Shuudifonya’s employer, said while the suspect appears to have fondled the young victim, it appears the community intervened before he could do far worse.


The police has, however, clarified that rape as per the Act does not only constitute penile penetration.


“It is still rape even though there was no penetration. Ordering her to undress, and then touching her private parts is rape,” said Inspector Lineekela Shikongo, police spokesperson in the Omusati Region.


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