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Water inundates Walvis Bay

Water inundates Walvis Bay

Niël Terblanché


RAIN has flooded the streets of Walvis Bay and in some cases, the homes of residents for a second time this week.


Although only nine millimetres of rain was measured in parts of Walvis Bay, huge pools formed in the streets of the harbour town and in the Long Beach residential area where most of downpour occurred.


Residents of informal settlements are normally the worst affected by leaking roofs and muddy streets.



Wealthier residents of the harbour town and even those that stay in mansions along the residential developments at Long Beach and Dolphin Beach struggle with leaking roofs and damage to property because homes are not designed with rain in mind.


Because no storm water system exists to drain away excess water, it gathers in the streets, with a relatively small downpour causing havoc in the streets.


The rain on Tuesday morning only added to the huge pools that have already formed in the streets since Sunday when about 12 millimetres of rain was measured.


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