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Brave Warriors gearing up for CHAN finals

Brave Warriors gearing up for CHAN finals

Marthina Mutanga


THE national football team of Namibia will face Zambia, Guinea, and Tanzania in Group D of the African Nations Championship tournament later this month.


The Brave Warriors will start their campaign on 19 January against Guinea and then take on Tanzania on 23 January. They will finish off group action against rivals Zambia on 27 January.


According to the Brave Warriors interim coach Bobby Samaria, the team is well prepared and motivated for the challenge ahead when they face their first adversaries in the CHAN championship on Saturday.


Brave Warriors CHAN finals national football team Namibia Zambia Guinea Tanzania


Samaria noted that the team has been hard at work to ensure that the players’ fitness is brought to the best possible level and have them in great shape within a reasonable time.


He said that Edward Maova, Ratanda Mbazuvara, Kamaijanda Ndisiro, Charles Hambira, Jonas Mateus, Emilio Martin, Vitapi Ngaruka, Ivan Kamberipa, Pat-Nevin Uanivi, Aprocious Petrus, Gregory Aukumeb, Johannes Mutanga, Erasmus Ikeinge, Alfeus Handura, Dynamo Fredericks, Absalom Iimbondi, Immanuel Heita, Ambrocius Amseb, Wendell Rudath, Gustav Isaak, Llewelyn Stanley, Wesley Katjiteo, Brandon Neibeb, Marcell Papama, Panduleni Nekundi, Isaskar Gurirab, Deryl Goagoseb, and Elmo Kambindu will represent Namibia in the much-anticipated tournament.


The team departed for the tournament venue on Thursday.

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