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Frog catcher caught violating the curfew

Frog catcher caught violating the curfew

Placido Hilukilwa


AN off-duty member of the Namibian Defence Force (NDF) was detained and held overnight by the police in the Ohangwena Region after he was found catching frogs in a water pan located inside the perimeter of his allocated piece of land in the Ongula yaNetanga village.


However, his detention had nothing to do with the frogs per se. It had everything to do with the curfew.


The man, whose name was not revealed, later admitted on social media platforms that he was found catching frogs at around 23:00, that is two hours after the curfew came into effect at 21:00.


Frog catcher caught violating curfew Namibian Defence Force NDF Ohangwena Region


He was detained at the Eenhana police station but was allowed to go home at 04:00 without being charged.


Meanwhile, the report of the soldier’s arrest was immediately interpreted by some as “confirmation” of the rumours that angered many Northerners earlier this year when it was alleged that nature conservation authorities have issued “a new rule” placing a cap on the total allowable catch for frogs.


It was alleged that the sale of frogs was strictly prohibited; that only two frogs are allowed per person per day, and that when caught, violators of the rule would be punished severely.


The alleged rule turned out to be a hoax and the soldier’s brief detention had nothing to do with the frogs.


Frogs are mostly caught during late evening and early morning hours.

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