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Land grabbers urged to remain calm

Land grabbers urged to remain calm

Samuel S. Shinedima


THE Windhoek City Police along with elements of the Namibian Police had to intervene to bring a large group of land grabbers that threatened to get unruly about being thrown from land that they claimed as their own, under control.


The land grab follows a few days after the Mayor of Windhoek, Job Amupanda from the Affirmative Repositioning movement and other councillors from the coalition led city council visited informal settlements that were severely affected by flash floods last week.


During the site visit, the possibility of relocating people and allowing those that are forced to rent rooms and shacks in the informal settlements in and around Windhoek to settle on unserviced land was discussed.



Hundreds of people descended upon the mountains behind the Otjomuise residential area of Windhoek on Sunday morning to stake their claim on land where they intend to build their own shacks.
When the city police intervened, people became rowdy and threatened to persist with their land grabbing despite the presence of the city police.


The Namibian Police were summoned to assist in bringing calm to the situation that was developing.


The Popular Democratic Movement’s Clemencia Hanases, the Deputy Mayor of Windhoek, called on the people to calm down.
“Let us avoid a situation where the police will have to physically intervene. Please disperse because you are making things difficult for us to help you,” Hanases told the land grabbers.


The desperate crowd told the municipal and police officials that they are tired of renting and that they want their own homes.


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