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Oshana Region call to support each other

Oshana Region call to support each other

Maria David


THERE is a need to work hand-in-hand in the region with the aim of ensuring that the economy of the Oshana Region is kept afloat.


Oshana Regional Governor, Elia Irimari made these remarks during his engagement meeting with the newly elected regional and local authority councillors in the region on Friday.


Irimari stated that 2021 needs to be a year of intensified service delivery with an emphasis on key priority sectors of Agriculture, Health and Education.


“As dynamic leadership, we should therefore try by all means to adopt new ways of facilitating socio-economic development climates through setting responsive strategic governance policies that are directly responding to changing needs of our electorates,” he said.



Irimari indicated that the road to recovery calls for swift actions in the implementation of government projects.


“It is our obligation to ensure that there are no bottlenecks and unnecessary bureaucracy on our part as the government that delays development and consequently prolonging economic activities essential for growth,” said Irimari.


He pointed out that the second wave of COVID-19 infection is on the rise, which calls for them to be vigilant.


He stated the medical teams are doing incredible jobs and therefore they need the support and assistance to inform people to adhere to health regulations without fail.


“We also need to support our health institutions and businesses to endure the scourging impact of this pandemic,” he noted.


“As leaders, we are tied to a common purpose regardless of our political affiliations. Hence, I implore you as you sit in your chambers to put the needs of our people first and always strive to work in unity of purpose,” he added.


Irimari indicated that the nation is depending on them to deliver on the commitments and address the prevailing challenges of the housing backlog, youth unemployment, and poverty.


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