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School principal passes away in FNB

School principal passes away in FNB

Maria David


THE 59-year-old Theophilus Taati Shipahu from Ekamba died while waiting in a queue at the main branch of the First National Bank in Ondangwa on Wednesday morning.


Shipahu was the principal of the Onamambo Primary School in Oshigambo and is said to have collapsed in full view of other bank clients.


Community Affairs Division Officer, Inspector Thomas Aiyambo, said the shocking incident occurred at around 10:30.


School principal passes away FNB Theophilus Taati Shipahu Ekamba died waiting queue main branch First National Bank Ondangwa
SHOCKED SPECTATORS: Residents of Ondangwa looks on while officers from the Oshakati Police Mortuary remove the body of a school principal from Oshigambo that died in the Main branch of FNB on Wednesday.


“When Shipahu collapsed, employees of the bank summoned an ambulance to attend to him, but when the paramedics arrived, he had already passed away. Instead, officers from the Oshakati Police Mortuary were summoned to remove the body,” he said.


According to Inspector Aiyambo, the family of the deceased person informed the police that he had diabetes and that the disease could be the most likely cause of his death.


The actual cause of death will however be determined by an autopsy that will be performed at the Oshakati Police Mortuary.


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