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Unexploded ordnance scares villagers

Unexploded ordnance scares villagers

Nathanael Heita


THE community of the Efinde Village in the Oshikunde constituency of Ohangwena is terrified by the presence of unexploded ordnance discovered in a mahangu field recently.


Their concern is made worse because explosives experts of the Namibian police have not yet arrived at the scene to remove or destroy the lethal objects.


A villager, identified only as Bonifatius, was ploughing his field when he noticed protruding objects. One looks like an RPG-7 projectile while the other appears to be a rifle grenade. The lethal explosive ordnance is believed to be remnants of the Liberation Struggle and was used by soldiers on both sides of the war.


  • Unexploded ordnance scares villagers community Efinde Village Oshikunde Ohangwena unexploded


Villagers said that the police were duly notified about the danger but no officer has turned up to investigate or to remove the bombs yet.


“We are very worried because the objects are close to a pathway which is frequently used by people when going to fetch water at a nearby well.


The villagers have marked the spot with fresh tree branches and are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of the police’s explosives specialists.


When approached for comment, NamPol’s community affairs division representative, Inspector Kaume Itumba said that he was not aware of the discovery but promised quick action by the relevant officers.

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