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Efinde ammunition cache destroyed

Efinde ammunition cache destroyed

Nathanael Heita


THERE was a collective sigh of relief in the Efinde village of the Ohangwena Region on Wednesday afternoon when the police destroyed the explosives that were accidentally unearthed by a villager who was ploughing his mahangu field.


The unearthed objects – initially thought to be an RPG-7 projective and a rifle grenade – turned out to be a much larger ammunition cache probably dating from the years of the liberation struggle.


The cache included at least three RPG-7 anti-tank projectiles and a number of other war material used by soldiers on both sides of the war.


Efinde ammunition cache destroyed Efinde village Ohangwena Region police
The ammunition cache at Efinde. Photo: Contributed


Bordering Angola where the People’s Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) operated from, the Ohangwena Region was the epicentre of the armed liberation struggle and remnants of the war are still lurking in the bushes and underground, posing a danger to humans and animals alike more than 30 years after the war ended.


Villagers initially accused the police of not reacting quickly enough when notified about the discovery, but events unfolded speedily after Informanté contacted senior police officers about the matter.

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