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Woman gang-raped in Rehoboth

Woman gang-raped in Rehoboth

Maria David


THE Namibian Police in Rehoboth is searching for two men, who took turns to rape a young woman at a house in the Block E residential area on New Year’s Eve.


According to the incident report provided by the Public Relations Division of the Namibian Police, the incident occurred at around 23:00 on Thursday evening.


“It is alleged that the suspects, came to the house of the complainant’s sister to drink some of the traditional home-brewed alcohol she sells and asked the complainant and another friend to accompany them to their residence,” said police.


The women went along and at the house, the group started drinking wine. After having a few glasses the suspects started to demand sex from the two women.


One of the women went outside to use the toilet. She was followed by one of the suspects who grabbed her from behind while covering her mouth. The woman managed to escape and ran away. her and grabbed her by her hand and covered her mouth with his hand, but managed to escape from his grip and she ran away.


It’s alleged that the suspect then returned to the house where he and his friend overpowered the victim and took turns to rape her.


No arrests have been made yet but the suspects in the matter have been identified.


In a separate incident, a 67-year-old deaf woman was raped at the Eyanda Village in the area of Outapi by a 33-year-old man.


According to police, the incident occurred around 15:00 on Thursday.


“It is alleged that the suspect entered the house of the complainant uninvited before he overpowering and raping the elderly woman.
In this matter, the suspect was arrested.


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