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Electricity thief electrocuted

Electricity thief electrocuted

Maria David


THE 24-year-old Michael Ashiti was electrocuted while trying to make an illegal electricity connection under a bridge in the Wanaheda residential area of Windhoek.


According to the incident report provided by the Public Relations Division of the Namibian Police, the unfortunate accident under the bridge occurred on Thursday.


It is alleged that Ahiti and his brother were attempting to connect their house to the main electricity supply line of the City of Windhoek that is cabled under the bridge when the electrocution occurred.


The deceased person was left under the bridge by his brother to thread a supply cable from the other side of the structure. When the brother called to Ashiti to pass the cable along he got no answer.


Ashiti’s brother went looking for him under the bridge and when he got close he heard an explosion and then his brother screaming.


The report states that the brother found Ashiti’s lifeless body under the bridge.


An ambulance was called but Ashiti was declared dead on the scene.

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