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Christmas Eve of suicide

Christmas Eve of suicide

Maria David


FOUR people from the North have been reported to have committed suicide by hanging themselves on Christmas Eve.


The four were identified as Lahulapo Abraham (43), Martin Iyambo (34), Awala Stefanus Hininguelai (51), and Shepo Hamutenya (88).


According to the weekend serious crime bulletin provided by the Namibian Police, Abraham was found hanging, from a branch of a mopane tree in a mahangu field with a rope around his neck at Onkunga village in the Tsandi constituency.


The next person, Iyambo hanged himself with a shoelace in his shack in Zambia Street, Cuba Informal Settlement.


The body of Hininguelai was discovered in his bedroom by his son. The deceased person’s son told police that his father was coughing for the entire night before his death. The son described the coughing noises that he heard coming from the bedroom as strange.


Meanwhile, Hamutenya’s body was also found in his bedroom at his home in the Uukete village in Onayena.


Another suicide was reported to the Namibian Police on Family Day after the body of the75-year-old Akawa Kandali was found hanging from a branch of a mopane tree with a rope around his neck at the Okatseidhi village in Tsandi Constituency.


According to the crime bulletin, autopsies will be performed on all the deceased persons to determine the actual cause of death.


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