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Farmer shoots robber during attack

Farmer shoots robber during attack

Niël Terblanché


THE 65-year-old Arnold Huber, a farmer from the Uitkoms area to the south-east of Grootfontein, is fighting for his life in a Windhoek hospital after he sustained serious injures while protecting himself from three men who attacked him on his farm on Christmas morning.


Huber, the owner of Farm Otjiruakaku, managed to shoot one of the three men who attempted to bludgeon him to death at the gate to his property.


According to the incident report provided by the Namibian Police, the 38-year-old Mbakondja Tjintinda was fatally wounded during the scuffle with the older man.


The robber died on the spot.


The report further states that the incident occurred at Farm Otjiruakaku at about 10:00 on Christmas Day.


“On Christmas morning, Huber was busy at his farm with his son, daughter and a farmworker, when the daughter observed people coming towards the house. The girl alerted her father, who immediately went to fetch his .308 rifle. He also gave his son a pistol,” the report states.


Arnold Huber farmer Uitkoms south-east Grootfontein Windhoek hospital attacked farm Christmas morning
ATTACK VICTIM: Arnold Huber and his two children during happier times – Photo: Facebook


According to the incident report, father and son then approached the three men to ask them what they wanted.


“The men indicated that their car was broken down in front of the farm gate and that they needed some tools to fix it,” the report reads.


Huber sent his son back to the house to fetch a toolbox and water to give the men who asked him for help.


He then walked with the three suspects in the direction of the gate where they allegedly left their vehicle.


“When they reached the gate, Huber observed that there was no car and he confronted the suspects and a scuffle ensued. While the robbers were hitting him on the head, he managed to shoot Tjintinda. He was, however, knocked down and the remaining suspects left their fatally wounded friend, grabbed the rifle and ran,” the report states.


The remaining robbers are believed to have gotten into a vehicle they left a short distance from the gate to make their getaway.


According to the report, Huber was left for dead but help was summoned when his children and the farmworker heard the gunshot.


He was rushed to the hospital in Grootfontein, but was transferred to Windhoek after doctors discovered that the wounds to his head were far more serious that they initially thought.


He sustained a brain haemorrhage (bleeding on the brain) and a broken jaw bone during the brutal attack.


When police officers arrived at the scene of the attack they identified Tjintinda by the identification documents they found amongst his personal belongings in his pockets.


In the meantime, the Namibian Police has launched a search for the two robbers who left their friend behind while fleeing from the scene of the attack.


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