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COVID-19 opens up new opportunities

COVID-19 opens up new opportunities

Maria David


THE COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the health sector globally, but economic and social impacts have disrupted nearly all aspects of life for all members of society.


However, in Namibia, the youth in the North has taken the outbreak of the pandemic and turned into different innovation opportunities for self-employment.


For, Klaudia Mukete (33) sitting at home doing nothing was no answer, after she launched her brand “Mwechy’s Salsa Sauce” from her small kitchen.


Mukete said that the “Mwechy Salsa Sauce” was born and blended in the Okakwa village in the Ohangwena region. She added that it has always been her dream and that hard work and tenacity made it a reality.



The sauce comes in some very unique flavours namely plain, mild, spicy hot, extra hot as well as mint and coconut in plain and chilli flavours.


“Growing up I always knew I loved cooking, and life was made even easier by my mom who I lived with and by the age of 12, she started teaching me how to cook and later always delegated me to go prepare lunch whenever people were working in the field,” she said.


Mukete indicated that she remembers when her father would joke that he will never eat food prepared by her because he felt she was still too young to prepare food.


“During high school, I was among a group of other learners that were chosen to go to Michelle Mclean children trust on a school project. During this time we were told to come up with a business plan and mine was a restaurant because I believed I had strong love and talent to prepare food,” recalls Mukete.


Mukete noted that she found the kitchen her most comfortable place to be.


“There I played with food and often I would post it on my WhatsApp and Instagram accounts and people, especially my friends and colleagues would applaud and encourage me to start a restaurant or a catering business.”


When demand is high, she indicated that she can produce about 50 to 100 bottles of sauce per day.


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