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Tsumeb residents want a clean town

Tsumeb residents want a clean town

Maria David


TSUMEB residents are up in arms after the municipality failed to keep the town clean since September.


The matter was made worse when the Mayor of Tsumeb, Mathews Hangula responded that the municipality will return to its full duty when he returns from leave early in the next year.


“I will be back in town on the 10th of January 2021. Let us engage collectively and see what best solution we can come up with in order to reclaim and restore the paradise town to its origin,” Hangula commented on the town’s social media page when he was asked about the situation by some of the residents.



Three months ago, the residents of the informal area of Tsumeb known as Soweto, demanded the removal of the dumpsite at the area as it was allegedly causing a health hazard.


In a petition, the residents from an informal settlement claim that both children and adults are using the dumpsite as a toilet and human waste is all over the site.


“Buckets which are used as a toilet are emptied at the site which releases unpleasant smell in the surroundings,” read the petition.


Further, the petition indicated that plastics and papers are blown in every direction and end up in yards of people leaving the surrounding dirty.


Informanté has been trying to reach out to the officials at the Tsumeb municipality since September but to date has not gotten any feedback.


However, a few days ago, several residents took to social media expressing their disappointment regarding the matter and having a clean town.


Some of the comments were: “Look at how Tsumeb’s black suburbs looks like.”


“Tsumeb is a disgrace, this exactly how it looks next to Kuvukiland PS, so dirty, rubbish is all over the place, honestly it’s a disgrace. Tsumeb municipality does something about this kind of a mess, it’s such a dirty place, how awful.”


“Municipality never empty most of those bins so even if the people throw the rubbish in the bin but the bin is full eventually the rubbish will fall on the ground… municipality should come up with a schedule to empty those bins on a regular basis… some are smelling very bad especially in the location.”

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