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Life giving rains brings much needed relief

Life giving rains brings much needed relief

Niël Terblanché


THE people of southern Namibia are jubilant as sustained showers brought welcome relief for farmers in places that have not had any rain for years.


As much as 80 millimetres of rain fell in places and river beds that have been lying dormant for years suddenly became broiling torrents as storm water rushed downstream.


Farmers especially were jubilant over the abundant blessing from the heavens in places where the drought of the past eight years have caused nothing but devastation.


In Keetmanshoop and many other southern towns more rain fell on Monday morning than had fallen over the past two years. The good news does not end there as more rain is expected to fall over large parts of southern Namibia.



Residents of these towns reported that they had to take extra care while driving home from work because children threw all caution to the wind to play in the streets that turned to small rivers.


The good rains also caught some shopkeepers in Keetmanshoop unawares when storm water from flooded streets suddenly inundated their business premises. The joy brought by welcome rains far outweighed the financial damage.


Travellers driving north reported that the Asab River broke its banks and flood water was still flowing strongly on Tuesday morning. Some damage to the B1 Road where water flowed over the surface was also observed.


Further north Windhoek heavy rains interrupted electricity supply to parts of Windhoek and towards the east farmers also reported heavy showers and flowing rivers.


The same pattern repeated itself in the north eastern parts of the country where good rains have been falling since the weekend.


The Namibia Meteorological Service maintained their warning of widespread rain showers over the eastern side of the country, the Hardap, Omaheke, Otjozondjupa, and Karas regions.


The weather service also predicted scattered thundershowers over parts of the Namib Desert.


Residents of coastal towns can expect partly cloudy to warm weather conditions while fog patches will appear over parts in the mornings and afternoons.


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