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NWR rubbish piles cleaned up

NWR rubbish piles cleaned up

Niël Terblanché


SOME of the funds that were meant to keep paying the salaries of employees of the Namibia Wildlife Resorts (NWR) was redirected to pay for an extensive clean-up campaign at most of the state-owned company’s resorts.


Rubbish has been piling up at various resorts in national parks for years while no-one lifted a finger to remove any of it.


Two different stories published by Informanté two years apart finally prompted the Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Tourism (MEFT) to order the NWR to use available funds to get rid of the rubbish threatening to overrun some of its resorts.



The spokesperson of the MEFT, Romeo Muyunda confirmed that the NWR was tasked to urgently start with the clean-up in order to welcome tourists from abroad under the Tourism Revival Drive back.


“The ministry views this very seriously and the NWR is expected to hand in regular reports on the progress made with clean-up,” he said.


The spokesperson of NWR, Mufaro Nesongano confirmed that the clean-up campaign was already set in motion. He also said that the necessary resources have been availed to teams in the field that is currently busy with the campaign to remove tonnes of rubbish from the various resorts.


Nesongano also indicated that the services of a private contractor have been solicited to assist with removing and transporting the bulk of the rubbish to properly managed dumpsites that carries the approval of the MEFT.


“This is why we have allocated the necessary resources to ensure that when our guests arrive at any of our facilities, they will be welcomed at all our resorts or camps,” he said.


He added that the NWR has equally made funds available to improve operational efficiencies at its resorts to be in a position to welcome guests this Festive Season.


Nesongano said that in the absence of large numbers of international clients, the company aims to lure more local visitors to its resorts and added that many special offers have been created to make sure Namibians visit Sossusvlei and the different resorts in the Etosha National park during the festive season.


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