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Suspected Walvis Bay serial rapist arrested

Suspected Walvis Bay serial rapist arrested

Niël Terblanché


THE two-month-long reign of terror waged by a man, who raped and robbed single women living in shacks in the Kuisebmond residential area of Walvis Bay, came to an abrupt end when members of the community pointed him out to the Namibian Police.


The arrest was the result of a collaboration between the community of Kuisebmond in Walvis Bay and the Namibian Police.


According to the head of the Namibian Police’s Public Relations Division, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, the man, whose modus operandi was to break into the shacks of single women while they were sleeping, holding them at gunpoint, and raping them, was arrested on Friday after a diligent search by detectives.


“From the onset, we appreciate the overwhelming support and information provided to the police by members of the communities of Tutaleni and Kuisebmond that led to the successful apprehension of the suspected serial rapist,” Shikwambi said.


Suspected Walvis Bay serial rapist arrested terror raped robbed single women Kuisebmond
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She said the suspect was arrested on Friday after he attempted to rape another woman following another shack break-in.


The man is implicated in six cases of rape, of which four incidents occurred in the Tutaleni neighbourhood and two in Kuisebmond.


After the suspect was arrested, detectives searched his room and found two pistols which they believe he used to threaten his victims before while raping them.


A further investigation indicated that both firearms were stolen during two separate incidents of housebreaking in Kusiebmond.


Detectives also found 11 mobile phones, two flat screen television sets, two DVD players, and five wrist watches that were allegedly stolen by the suspect during other incidents of burglary in Walvis Bay.


According to Shikwambi, detectives conducted an identification parade and one of the rape victims was able to positively identify the man behind her rape and robbery in October.


None of the other victims were able to identify the suspect because he wore a balaclava when he raped and robbed them during his two-month-long reign of terror.


The suspected serial rapist was formally charged and will make his first appearance on, amongst others, six charges of rape on Monday morning.


Deputy Commissioner Shikwambi used the opportunity to again thank members of the community for their overwhelming support and information that eventually led to the arrest of the suspect.


“Surely, together we will defeat all offenders,” Shikwambi concluded.


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