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Kapofi warns against social media abuse

Kapofi warns against social media abuse

Samuel N. Shinedhima


HOME Affairs, Immigration, Safety, and Security Minister, Frans Kapofi, expressed his disappointment in the manner in which some Namibian youth makes use of social media, by engaging in activities that could cause relationship misunderstandings and/or domestic violence.


The situation ensued when many Namibians, including a young girl from Windhoek, were confronted by their partners, simply after being seen on the “Nam Couple” Instagram page which is one of many. Others such as ‘Namibian Naked eyes, Couple Goals Namibia, and Ex Couples Nam’ amongst others also exist.


Speaking to Informanté, Kapofi described the distortion of social media information as dangerous to society and denounced such myopic behaviour.



“Publishing a picture of someone without their consent is already wrong. Now, creating false information or publishing content without facts can cause trouble in people’s lives. I, therefore, encourage the public to refrain from engaging in such practices” Kapofi said.


On the contrary, Namibians from all corners have been on the fight against Gender-Based Violence, while on the other hand, the mismanagement of social media with an attempt to accumulate followers and likes has been noticeable on various social media platforms for the past months, and it could, indirectly or directly, be linked to some forms of domestic violence.


“Most of the pictures uploaded on that page were taken at functions and have no links to any love affairs. Whoever is in charge of such pages must consider the danger it can cause to relationships, and we all know that failed relationships and jealousy are some of the leading causes of GBV” said a victim who chose to remain anonymous.


The Instagram account named ‘Nam Couple’, attracted so much attention due to the controversy, and within a very short time, it was widely circulated across the country, having scooped at least 10 000 followers in just seven days.


The thoughtless and immature posting of people’s pictures without any verification or establishment of facts has raised concerns for the sanctity of marriages and relationships, as this defeats the purpose of what the Namibian nation has been trying to achieve for a very long period.


Meanwhile, the ‘Nam Couple’ page has disappeared from the social media platform, and it was rebranded and renamed to ASHISHEOSHANGE PETRUS, under the user name, everything_70_, shortly after reaching 10 000 followers.


When approached for comments, the person running the account claimed that she had bought it from another Namibian citizen, and refused to disclose the identity of the previous owner.


Photos sourced from Instagram

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