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Oshikundu commercialised

Oshikundu commercialised

Maria David


NAMIBIANS from all walks-of-live can have a taste of the famous traditional brew known as the Oshikundu after it has been processed and bottled for easy access.


Oshikundu or Ontaku is a traditional Namibian drink made from fermented mahangu (millet). Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic varieties exist. It is made from cereal. It is often drunk the same day that it is made and is widely sold in open markets.


Established in 2019 at Ondangwa, Vintage Brew has processed Oshikundu that takes about six months before it expires.


General Manager of Vintage brew, Nhamoinesu Gondo, said that the product can be found at OK Food Stores, Spar and SaveMor shops, with hopes of expanding to the rest of the four corners of the country.


Oshikundu taste famous traditional brew
VINTAGE BREW: OSHIKUNDU hits the shells after being processed in Ondangwa. – Photo by Maria David


Gondo stated that the process Oshikundu vintage is a family business although they have a partner on board.


According to him, they plan to expand their products to other vintage brews for all Namibians to have a taste of different traditional brews.


Gondo pointed out that currently they are faced with the challenges of meeting the Namibian Standards Institution (NSI) as their product will have to meet the requirements before it’s taken to other retails.


The NSI is mandated to certify products and organizations’ management systems through the Marks of Conformity.


“Namibia NSI should at least design its NSI entry-level that will be made easy for Small Medium and Enterprise (SME) manufactures,” he said.


Gondo also indicated that they face financial constraints and barcodes demand local are not available as they have to get from South Africa.


“If it can be locally available then it can be easy for business people in Namibia to have their products on the shells,” he said.


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