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Sister of murdered Swakop woman pleads for justice

Sister of murdered Swakop woman pleads for justice

Zorena Jantze


From September 2019 to September 2020, a total of 74 Namibian women were murdered by their intimate partners or strangers.


Jennifer ‘Jenneth’ Daniels, (26) is one of the Namibian women who recently became a part of these murder statistics, following the discovery of her half naked body, near Vierkantklip, a well-known stretch of the beach between Swakopmund and Walvis Bay on Wednesday, 25 November 2020.


The young woman had multiple injuries all over her body and it is believed that the murderer dumped her body about 100 metres from the shoreline sometime during last Tuesday night, 24 November.


In an interview with the Informanté’, the late Daniel’s sister, Jasmine Daniels spoke on the tragic loss of her sister who she described as a very kind, giving person.


Sister murdered Swakop woman justice September 2020 Namibian
MURDERED: The late Jennifer ‘Jenneth’ Daniels,(26). – Photo: Courtesy of Jasmine Daniels.


Jasmine who resides in Henties Bay stated that she last saw her sister at the beginning of November and added that her sister lived with her uncle in the DRC informal settlement in Swakopmund.


She adds that her late sister has left behind three children, an eight-year-old boy, a three-year-old girl, and a four-month-old baby girl.


Trying to hold back tears over the telephonic interview, the young woman states that the discovery of her sister’s body along a stretch of beach, naked and bruised sent her whole world into a downward spiral.


“I was told that she was found naked and that she was only wearing a top. Her trousers as well as underwear were gone. The new Namibia we live in is so sad, it’s really sad that men just kill people and hide, why is it that these murderers are not found whilst we live in such a small country? I feel like I can’t trust anyone at this point, I fear going outside when it’s dark” Jasmine stated.


She adds that her sister worked as a waitress at a well-known café in the coastal town and left work at the end of her shift that fateful evening.


Neighbours of the late Daniel’s also reported that they saw the deceased woman in the company of an unknown man when she came back from work on Tuesday evening, 24 November 2020.


According to Deputy Commissioner Erastus Iikuyu, the Erongo Regional Crime Investigations Coordinators, all this information has been gathered by the police who are following up on a possible lead that might solve the case. He added that currently only a case of murder has been registered and post mortem results which will be carried out today will show whether or not the late Daniels was raped as well.


Jasmine added that currently, the family is beset with financial troubles as the death of her sister took everyone by surprise because she was so young.


“We actually lost our mom and dad when we were very young and were raised by our grandparents. My grandmother is now taking care of my late sister’s three children. At this point we would appreciate it if any good Samaritan would help us with any kind of support,” she stated.


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