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Printing of ballot papers completed

Printing of ballot papers completed

Maria David


THE printing of ballot papers for the 2020 Regional Council and Local Authority elections been successfully completed, after printing started last week.


The use of ballot papers during elections is in compliance with the Supreme Court’s judgement in February this year, declaring the use of Electronic Voting Machines (EVM) without a verifiable paper trail is unconstitutional.


ECN, chief electoral officer Theo Mujoro, in a statement issued today announced that the ballot papers will be Airlifted from Durban in South Africa to Namibia through the Hosea Kutako International Airport.


“Ballot papers are expected to be sorted and distributed to the various constituencies Local Authorities and polling teams in presence of representatives of all political contestants,” said Mujoro.


He added that ballot papers are then expected to be dispatched to all regions during the period of 18-20 November as part of the final preparation for the forthcoming election.


Political parties, associations or organisations, and independent candidates, who wish to observe the arrival of the ballot papers are invited to do so.


Namibians will go to the polls on 25 November to elect new local authority and regional councillors.


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