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Oppositions louder than empty drums

Oppositions louder than empty drums

Maria David


OPPOSITION political parties are empty drums making loud noises that can be heard far.


Leader of the Swapo politburo, Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila during a mini-rally at Okahao in the Omusati Region on Friday said when a drum is empty it makes a lot of noise.


When I say something about those empty oppositions they claim I am attacking them,” Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said.


She stated that some of those political parties which already broken their political promises and they do not scare Swapo, as Swapo is a party that is undefeated.


According to her, opposition parties continue to claim that Swapo has no supporters, but every time the opposition is defeated and then they quickly run to court.


“Swapo is a party of democracy, the only party that listens to the outcry of the nation. Elections are not won in court and not won by Electronic Voting Machines (EVM), but by people who vote their leaders into power and victory is certain ours,” she said.


She indicated that Swapo continues to deliver on the development of the country despite it being a slow process.


Kuugongelwa-Amadhila urged the community of Okahao Constituency to give the ruling party another mandate to be in charge of the administration of both the constituency and the local authority.


Leonard Shikulo is the incumbent councillor of the Okahao Constituency, as well as the candidate of Swapo during the upcoming Regional Council and Local Authority elections at Okahao, while serving members of the seven-member Okahao Local Authority are all from the ruling party.


Kuugongelwa-Amadhila said that Okahao is the home-constituency of several pioneers of the national liberation struggle, including Namibia’s Founding President, Sam Nujoma.
“Vote for Swapo’s candidates during the Regional Council and Local Authority elections on 25 November to give Swapo the mandate to continue with the various development projects which we have already started,” she appealed.


According to her, the development programmes initiated by the Swapo-led government for the Okahao Constituency and its town will collapse once other political organisations are voted into power at the constituency.


She used the same platform to shun those accusing Swapo of being involved and benefitting from the so-called “Fishrot scandal”, which has resulted in the arrest and detention of two senior ministers, Bernhard Esau and Sacky Shanghala, and others last year.


“Opposition parties are now making noise and blaming Swapo of being corrupt because of the individuals accused of corruption. Those are individuals, you cannot say the whole house is corrupt,” Kuugongelwa-Amadhila concluded.


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