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Robbers attacking smallholdings

Robbers attacking smallholdings

Niël Terblanché

THE 73-year-old Holger Pascheka, the owner of a smallholding on the outskirts of Windhoek, was hospitalised after he was attacked by five armed robbers.


According to a family member, Pascheka arrived at his smallholding in Brakwater shortly after 16:00 on Friday afternoon.


“While at the gate to the smallholding, he was accosted by five armed men who then forced him to drive to the house. When they arrived there the robbers also rounded up the workers before assaulting all three the residents of the plot,” Holger’s sister-in-law said.


Pascheka and his workers were then tied up and left in the lounge while the robbers ransacked the house for any valuable items.



According to his sister-in-law, the robbers demanded money and firearms. Because the residents were tied up, the robbers had enough time to break the safe from the wall and carry it along with all the other valuables to Pascheka’s vehicle, a white Toyota bakkie.


Pascheka’s sister-in-law said that the robbers even stole the electric kettle from the kitchen before driving off to a neighbouring plot where they repeated the same attack on a young couple.


The gang of robbers also overpowered Peter and Michaela Clayton by assaulting them with steel pipes before they were also tied up with ropes.


The robbers then also ransacked their home, while looking for firearms and money.


When the robbers could not find any cash and guns they drove off in the stolen bakkie with laptop computers and mobile phones.


Pascheka was discharged from the hospital after he was stitched up and treated and his white Toyota bakkie was recovered in the Hakahana informal settlement next to a popular neighbourhood bar on Saturday morning.


The owner of the bar was briefly detained by the Namibian Police for purposes of questioning about the stolen vehicle that was found next to the establishment.


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