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Man commits suicide with brother’s rifle

Man commits suicide with brother’s rifle

Maria David

CASES where licensed fire-arms are used illegally for nefarious purposes by people other than the lawful owners are on the increase in the Omusati region.


Regional Police Commander, Commissioner Titus Shikongo revealed that the police have witnessed cases including suicide, illegal hunting, poaching, and murder involving firearms that were handed to secondary persons unlawfully.


Shikongo urged fire-arm owners to desist from such illegal practice and approach the police for advice when they intend to give their fire-arms to cattle herders or domestic workers.


“This process will allow an evaluation of the fitness of those secondary persons to possess or use such a firearm,” he said.


Man commits suicide brother rifle licensed fire-arms illegally
TRAGIC SCENE: The rifle used by the man to commit suicide – Photo: Courtesy of NamPol Omusati


He stated that appropriate legal actions will be taken against fire-arm owners, which might include, being charged criminally and possibly recommending for a revocation of their firearm licenses, as well as orders to desist from handing over of such weapons to an unlawful user.


One such incident currently under investigation by the Namibian Police is the death of the 49-year-old Fillipus Shipangela Shooya, from the Oshaala village in the vicinity of Onesi, who shot himself with his brother’s rifle.


According to Shikongo, the deceased person is a cattle herder at his brother’s cattle post in that area who has been living with his girlfriend at the Onandjandja village for the past three months.


He indicated that the deceased person is alleged to have gone to a cucashop owned by his girlfriend on Saturday evening.


“In the early evening hours of Sunday morning, the deceased person decided to go home and threw the cucashop’s keys at the girlfriend while ordering her to follow him home. Shooya told his girlfriend that if she did not do what he asked, she would not see him again,” he said.


Shikongo noted that the girlfriend went home while under the impression the Shooya meant that he was going to return to the cattle post.


“At the homestead, she was met by her children, who informed her that they heard a gunshot from the house where the couple slept. The kids also told her that they saw Shooya laying on the floor of the house,” he said.


According to Shikongo the motive for the deceased person to commit suicide has not been established yet.


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