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NYC must intervene in ORYF saga

NYC must intervene in ORYF saga

Maria David

THE National Youth Council (NYC) needs to urgently intervene in the ongoing restructuring of the Oshana Regional Youth Forum (ORYF) which is riddled with allegations of irregularities.


It is alleged that the process is not following proper procedures. It is further alleged that the former ORYF chairperson Ephraim Nekongo, who is currently the secretary of the Swapo Party Youth League (SPYL), is working behind the scenes running the regional body as “his private house” and as “a political party of his own”.


A group of concerned members of the ORYF, who proffer anonymity, wrote and distributed a letter claiming that irregularities are happening right now.


Photo: Courtesy of the youth forum members.


“The acting chairperson [Absalom Itamalo] is being controlled by Nekongo to handpick certain delegates while blocking others.
They claim that information is not shared openly. “Things are done covertly to ensure that some youths are excluded from the process,”
The letter mentions names of SPYL activists who allegedly hold “secret nightly meetings” to manipulate the process, completely disregarding the fact that regional youth forums are independent bodies affiliated to the Ministry of Youth.


Approached for comment, Itamalo said that those making allegations are just “disgruntled elements and liars”.


“Nekongo is neither the chairperson of the youth forum nor National Youth Council Chairperson, but only part of the Swapo Party Youth League. What young people do not know is that the NYC is an umbrella body for all young people in the country,” he said.


Itamalo explained that the ORYF is a body formed up by the youth organizations. The youth that does not belong to an organization or their organization is not registered with the youth forum, cannot participate because participation is delegated by the youth forum.


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