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Namibia is everyone’s business

Namibia is everyone’s business

FLIPSIDE — By Chris Jacobie

EVERYTHING, except swift and effective justice that leaves no room for doubt about a national resolve, was done to address the culture of violence against the vulnerable, be it against men or women.


If politicians and authorities would have taken the time the past 24-hours and considered the protests of mainly young women in Windhoek and Walvis Bay, they would have been very concerned about image and credibility.


They should have been humbled by the non-partisanship of the protesters and should take note of the underlying message of the Namibian society that bad representation cannot be hidden by democratic cosmetics.


Namibia effective justice address culture


The activists were unanimous that they don’t regard the young women in parliament as their representatives, because “they don’t live like we live.”
There can be no further misunderstanding. Violence against the vulnerable is a national crime and a challenge and it should unite Namibians.


The idea that there are certain actions of individuals, families, and communities in a constitutional democracy that is private and nobody’s business, is false.


The national disgust proves that the welfare and wellbeing of all Namibians is the business of every Namibian.


For that alone, the young protestors must be applauded and encouraged.


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