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Remains believed to be that of missing Shannon

Remains believed to be that of missing Shannon

Niël Terblanché

AN anonymous tip has led detectives of the Namibian Police to a shallow grave in the dunes near the Narraville residential area of Walvis Bay where the mortal remains believed to be that of the 22-year-old Shannon ’Darlike’ Wasserfal were uncovered.


According to Detective Chief Inspector Daniel Gurirab, the National Forensic Institute still has to perform DNA tests to confirm if the remains are that of the young woman who has been missing since the beginning of April this year.


Chief Inspector Gurirab said the Namibian Police received an anonymous text message directing them to exactly where the remains of a “possible missing persons” were found.



“At about 15:00, detectives went to search the area as directed and discovered human remains buried in the shallow grave in the sand dunes near Narraville. The clothes found in the uncovered grave led investigators to believe that the remains are that of Shannon who was reported missing from Kuisebmond on 10 April this year,” he said.


Shannon was last seen in Walvis Bay’s Kabeljou Street.


She was wearing a pair of white short pants, a black top and navy blue jacket.


She was reported missing by a friend four days after her disappearance.


Shortly after she was reported missing, investigators followed her social media footprints.


They found that she took ‘selfies’ with her friend’s smart phone mere hours before disappearing without a trace from a house in the Tutaleni neighbourhood of Kuisebmond in Walvis Bay.


Further digital tracing placed the missing girl’s own smartphone in the Mile 4 residential area of Swakopmund.


Since Shannon was reported missing, the Namibian Police offered a reward of N$50 000 for information that would help them trace her.


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