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Trustco Group Holdings continues to be a pillar of strength for the Namibia Tennis Association (NTA) as it once again renders its unwavering support to upcoming Juniors Tennis Tournaments.


Through the continued support of junior tennis over the years, Trustco Group has ensured that the development and standard of tennis in Namibia has steadily grown. The little titans will continue their duels in the first Trustco sponsored tournament this year, scheduled for the weekend of 9 to 10 October 2020.


Junior tennis has endured its own difficulties this year, with many tournaments and matches being either cancelled or postponed due to the ongoing regulations around the global Covid-19 pandemic. In the midst of it all, the junior players did not hold back on their training nor their competitiveness, regularly turning the tables on each other, with not one player dominating tournament circuits noticeably throughout this year. This is testament to how the game of junior tennis has grown over the last couple of years. Head of Corporate Communications at Trustco, Neville Basson said, “Our tennis players have shown that not even a pandemic or unusual conditions deter them from reaching their full potential. We, as Trustco, will be with them all the way in reaching the pinnacle of their potential in a very difficult year. We sincerely hope that a lot of the good energy and inspiration Roger Federer brought to our players earlier this year will rub off onto our young ones in the future.”



“With a high number of entries expected for this upcoming tournament, we foresee a weekend of passion and grit from our players, eagerly supported by their enthusiastic parents,” an excited Chairperson of Junior Tennis Namibia, Santie van der Walt, stated. “Trustco has always been a trusted partner year in and year out, making sure that top quality players come through the ranks. This is for sure quite an appetizer for the final Trustco Junior Masters Tournament that will follow in less than a month’s time. Thank you once again Trustco, your visionary investment in the youth is surely paying dividends on the courts!”


Trustco Group wishes all players well – give your very best and above all, enjoy yourselves! We urge all parents to keep supporting your little ones. Your support brings value to them that money cannot buy.


As an equal partner in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, lets ensure as players and tennis enthusiasts that we abide by the rules and regulations set up to ensure our safety for this landmark event.


The different venues earmarked for this tournament are as follows:

Police Courts

CTC Courts



Starting time for all games on Friday, 9 October is at 14h00 and on Saturday, 10 October at 08h00.

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