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Townsend denied bail

Townsend denied bail

Eba Kandovazu

ONE of the two American nationals implicated in the murder of Andre Heckmaire has yet again been denied bail, after nearly ten years of being in custody.


Kevan Townsend, 34, testified during his bail application that he would not abscond after getting bail, saying that he is engaged to a Namibian woman.


Should he be granted bail, he will be living at her house, he told the court.


The woman also testified in Townsend’s favor.


FOOTAGE: by Eba Kandovazu


High court Judge Orben Sibeya remarked in his judgment that another woman, who owns a record label, also testified in the accused’s favour, noting that her company, Olive Entertainment, will employ the accused after he is released on bail as a recording artist, an actor, as well as a motivational speaker.


It is Townsend’s testimony that he only came to Namibia on holiday and that he did not know the deceased.


Judge Sibeya, however, indicated that the deceased at the time of his death was dating Marcus Thomas’ ex girlfriend.


Thomas is also implicated in the murder case.


The judge also noted that Townsend had previously testified during the bail application that he was arrested in America on charges relating to the illegal possession of a firearm, and that he disputed claims that Marcus alone bailed him out of jail.


Townsend on his part said that it was in fact a group of friends, including Thomas, who had bailed him out.


He also denied claims that ammunition, used in the commission of the crime, was imported from Finland.


“He also told the court that he was part of a gang from Harlem. He disputes ever being in Finland. He also informed the court that he intends to stand trial, that he wasn’t aware his co-accused attempted to escape from custody because he was in solitary confinement at the time,” Judge Sibeya remarked.


According to Townsend, he was not at the crime scene, that he has an alibi – a cleaner at a guesthouse he was at – to testify that he was at the said guesthouse at the time of the crime.


The judge also maintained that the circumstantial evidence against Townsend is of such a nature that it may result in him being convicted, adding that a prima facie case been established.


“I am satisfied that the accused failed to establish that he is worthy to be granted bail,” the judge noted in his ruling.


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