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Children burn in shack fires

Children burn in shack fires

Staff Reporter

A TODDLER lost his life, while a newborn is fighting for his life in hospital following two separate shack fire incidents in the country.


In the first incident, it is reported that a nearly two years old boy burned to death in Gobabis in a shack fire after he was left at home with his grandparents on Friday, 18 September, while his mother went to Onderombapa.


Head of Media at NamPol, Deputy Commissioner Kauna Shikwambi, stated that the incident happened at 16:00 at Otjongombe Aminuis Reserve in the Gobabis district, Omaheke Region.


It is further reported that later in the day, the grandparents fell asleep in their room and left the toddler outside playing.


Children burn shack fires newborn fighting hospital separate shack fire incidents
Pictured: Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed


It is believed that the toddler went to his mother’s shack that is in the same yard and played with matches, resulting in the curtains and bedding in the house catching fire.


The fire was spotted a distance away by two men who were riding on donkeys.


They immediately informed the elderly couple about the fire, but by then it was too late to save the toddler.


The decreased has been identified as 23-month-old Kauarive Komomungondo.


In the second incident, it is reported that a two-months-old baby also burned in a shack fire in Mondesa, Swakopmund.


The incident happened on Friday evening at about 21:00 at the DRC informal location.


It is alleged that the bed where the baby boy, identified as Pehovelo Nghitukuohamba, was sleeping on caught fire and started burning while his parents were in the living room of the same shack.


They managed to extinguish the fire but the baby sustained serious burn injuries and was rushed to the Swakopmund State hospital where he is currently admitted.


The bed is the only the piece of furniture that was burned.


The cause of fire is unknown at this stage and investigations continues


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