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Northern farmers are rebuilding their cattle herds

Northern farmers are rebuilding their cattle herds

Nathanael Heita

LIVESTOCK farmers in the Ohangwena Region, who were devastated by last year’s drought just like their counterparts elsewhere in the country, are now using the few animals that survived to rebuild their herds.


The ministry of agriculture’s veterinary department is helping the process by vaccinating livestock against common animal diseases.


One such vaccination event occurred in the Oilyateko village in the Ohangwena constituency, where Informante caught up with a number of farmers to gauge their views and experiences.


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Kaulumbwa David said that before last year’s drought, his herd numbered 30 head of cattle, but only twelve survived.


Matias Bobo, a cattle farmer from the Okelemba village, said he lost 32 head of cattle during last year’s drought but is happy that most of the 11 cows that survived, have either given birth to healthy calves or are currently pregnant.


“It hurts to lose so many animals at once. Thankfully we are recuperating. The grazing is good, we have water and the animals are being vaccinated. So, there is hope,” he said.


The veterinarians said that they did not expect such a big number of cattle but eventually managed to vaccinate all of them.


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