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Two collaborators of fugitive also placed in isolation

Two collaborators of fugitive also placed in isolation

Niël Terblanché

A SERGEANT of the Namibian Police and the managing director of a fishing company in Lüderitz were placed in isolation in Windhoek along with a fugitive that entered Namibia from the South Africa with falsified identity and travel documents at the start of the weekend.


The fugitive from South African law enforcement agencies tested positive for COVID-19 and was arrested at a quarantine facility in Windhoek earlier on Monday.


It seems that empty apartments in block of flats with the swanky name of 77 on Independence in the central business district of the Capital were used as a quarantine facility.


The fugitive was arrested at the block of flats.


Namibian Police managing director fishing company Lüderitz isolation Windhoek fugitive


The urgent tracing of more of his contacts by health officials in both Windhoek and Lüderitz has already started.


It could be garnered from unofficial sources that the fugitive from the law was assisted by the police officer that is normally stationed in Lüderitz to cross the Namibian border at Oranjemund on Friday.


The border post has been closed since Namibia closed all non-essential border checkpoints for anything other than essential goods.


It is not clear if the sergeant and the fugitive travelled through the prohibited diamond mining area along the south western part of Namibia’s coastline, also known as the Sperrgebiet, or along the main road via Aus to reach Lüderitz from Oranjemund.


The man that tested positive for infection with SARS-CoV2 after sidestepping quarantine protocols with the help of the police sergeant and the influential fishing company manager was transported to Windhoek over the weekend where he mingled freely with residents of the Capital.


According to the //Karas Regional Police Commander, Commissioner David Indongo, an investigation into the illicit border crossing and the actions of both of the fugitive COVID-19 patient’s collaborators has been launched.


Commissioner Indongo said that matter is very sensitive due to the nature of the fugitive’s connection to South African organised crime syndicates.


The Inspector General of the Namibian Police, Lieutenant General Sebastian Ndeitunga said tracing of the fugitive’s contacts in Windhoek will be made that much more difficult because of the suspect’s affiliation to crime syndicates.


General Ndeitunga said the fugitive’s real identity was revealed to Namibian Police detectives in an intelligence report they received from their South African counterparts.


Besides the fugitive and his two collaborators that were placed in supervised isolation, all of the detectives, which includes the head of the Criminal Investigation Division of the Namibian Police, that effected the arrest in Windhoek were placed in cautionary isolation while they await COVID-19 test results.


In the meantime, the fact that the fugitive was free to move around in both Lüderitz and Windhoek and that it would be extremely difficult to trace all his Namibian contacts has given rise to growing fears that other parts of Namibia will revert back to hard lockdown measures under the State of Emergency like Walvis Bay.


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