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AN illegal crossing of the Orange River border by a suspected criminal from South Africa that was assisted by members of the Namibian ministry of Safety and Security landed top detectives of the Khomas Police in quarantine after the suspect was arrested and tested positive for Covid-19.


The Namibian police is busy with contact tracing after the suspect was placed into the care of the ministry of health as case 35.


The top Namibian criminal investigators, including the commander of the crime investigations unit and an undisclosed number of detectives and members of serious crime unit, are also now being tested and might also be quarantine.


illegal crossing Orange River border suspected criminal South Africa members Namibian ministry Safety
IN CUFFS: The suspected fugitive believed to be Covid-19 positive being taken in by the Namibian police in Windhoek earlier today. Photo: Contributed


The Inspector-General of the Namibian Police confirmed that an investigation into the illegal entry of a South African of the Orange River led to the suspect being traced to Luderitz and eventually to an upmarket apartment block in the heart of Windhoek.


Crack investigators and the regional commander from the Khomas Region followed leads and tracked the fugitive on Saturday.


The police tracked him at an apartment block, 77 on Independence, and arrested the fugitive, who is suspected of being involved in crime before.


Police boss, Sebastian Ndeitunga said the police officers were heroes by laying their health on the line to protect the integrity of Namibian territorial integrity and the Namibian health status.


“We have immense problems with contact tracing as the status of the arrested illegal and his criminal record might even indicated complicity and people might be very reluctant to come forward fearing reprisal from the crime and syndicate underworld,” concluded Ndeitunga.


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