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Government rejects taxi fare increase

Government rejects taxi fare increase

Eba Kandovazu

TRANSPORT minister John Mutorwa has rejected a plea by the Taxi Union of Namibia to have the current 15 percent increment on taxi fares made permanent.


Taxi fares were increased while the State of Emergency is in effect to ensure that taxi drivers could continue making a living.


“We conducted a quick test and unofficial study that informs us that taxi clients are not having a problem with the N$14 taxi fare, as they initially had and since that time they have now become accustomed to and accepted it. Therefore it only makes logical sense for the taxi fare to be kept as is,” Taxi Union leader Werner Januarie wrote to Mutorwa last week.


Transport minister John Mutorwa plea Taxi Union Namibia taxi fares
TAXI WOES: Namibia Transport and Taxi Union President, Werner Januarie. Photo: Contributed


In a letter seen by Informanté, addressed to the President of the Namibia Transport and Taxi Union Werner Januarie, Minister Mutorwa said that the increment was approved because of the losses incurred as a result of the measures taken to half the load of public passenger buses, to fight the spread of Covid-19.


“Therefore, the increment is temporary and will cease at the end of the State of Emergency or until full capacity loading is permitted. The 15 percent increment cannot stand permanent as you proposed due to the fact that the motivational factors surrounding the recent bus and fare increase are provisional and temporary,” Mutorwa said.


In response to the minister’s letter Januarie said that taxi drivers should be compensated for the service delivered during this difficult time and working at a total loss because their salaries have been compromised due to the regulations introduced during this period of COVID-19.


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