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Education avails temporary relief fund

Education avails temporary relief fund

Staff Reporter

THE Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture availed N$5.5 million from its internal budget for an initiative to assist artists affected by the State of Emergency measures that will be implemented through the National Arts Council of Namibia.


Speaking at the launch education minister, Ester Anna Nghipondoka said that the sector’s temporary relief fund will provide once-off support for individual artists, cultural practitioners, arts and culture organizations.


“This is to encourage continued creativity, artistry and practice, as well as to provide training to empower players with a variety of relevant skills and knowledge with the aid of digitization and the use of online platforms to share and promote their work,” she said.


Ministry Education Arts Culture internal budget artists affected
Pictured: Education Minister, Ester Anna Nghipondoka. Photo: Contributed


The Relief Fund will be provided over a three-month period to artists and organizations and it will serve as an important contribution to ensuring the continued protection and promotion of our country’s rich arts and culture landscape through funding and other initiatives.


To screen and approve applications, the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture will appoint a seven-member committee, composed of two ministry representatives from the Directorate of Arts and Directorate of National Heritage and Culture Programmes, two members of the National Arts Council of Namibia and three public nominees who will be selected by the arts and culture community.


Nghipondoka has called upon the private and local sectors to support the arts and culture sector in any way that they can, to help ease the difficulties being experienced at the current moment.


She gave the assurance that the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture will continue to carry out its mandate with regards to the Arts and Culture Sector.


The Minister called on the public to support artists and at the same time implored artists to undertake innovative and creative activities to develop the sector further.


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