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Namibia has to start somewhere

Namibia has to start somewhere

Marthina Mutanga

FACE-TO-FACE schooling will have to restart after the hard lockdown measures prevented them from attending classes for more than two months.


“We should start somewhere,” said the deputy minister of health Ester Muinjangue on Sunday on the resumption of education.


In contrast the Teachers Union of Namibia’s (TUN) secretary-general, Mahongora Kavihuha, said that somewhere should be only with grade 11 and 12 who have the necessary understanding of social distancing and maintaining good hygiene.


Kavihuha noted that children does not belong to Cabinet or Government their services should not be placed in jeopardy by sending them to school while the country will still be fighting the virus during wintertime.


schooling restart hard lockdown attending classes two months
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“I have been in contact with some rural schools to see if they are ready and they have complained that there is only one running tap in some of the schools,” said Kavihuha.


According to Kavihuha, the schools will have enough open classrooms where they can divide the learners if they only sent the Grade 11 and 12 for the month of June to see how the situation will proses and to allow them to complete their academic year on 18 December this year.


Faustina Caley, the Deputy Minister of Education, Arts and Culture said regions are requested to analyse the syllabus completion rate for Grade 11 and 12 to ensure that the syllabus can still be completed within the 2020 academic year.


Government initially announced that all education would only resume face-to-face classes on 3 August and during Stage 4 of the State of Emergency. It was however decided in the meantime that learners will return in phases that will start with Grade 11 and 12 later this week.


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