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Mother makes full COVID-19 recovery

Mother makes full COVID-19 recovery

Marthina Mutanga

ON the day that the world is celebrating international Mother’s Day, the Minister of Health and Social Services in Namibia has announced that a mother who had previously tested positive for coronavirus, has become the latest recovery case.


The latest recovery recorded locally means that Namibia now has a total of 11 recoveries out of the 16 confirmed cases.


The Minister of Health and Social Sevices, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula, during the information session at the National COVID-19 Communication Centre this morning, said that the person registered as case number 9 has made a full recovery.


COVID-19 recovery international Mother’s Day Minister Health Social Services Namibia mother
ANOTHER RECOVERY: Minister of Health and Social Services, Dr. Kalumbi Shangula. Photo: Contributed


Namibia currently has 5 active cases and has recorded 0 deaths.


Shangula added that a total 84 Namibians yesterday returned by air from South Africa and were all placed in local quarantine facilities.


Namibia has so far conducted a total 1,543 tests, with 455 people currently in mandatory quarantine facilities.


To date, the coronavirus has infected over 4.1 million people globally and has killed over 280,000 people.


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