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Chief tortures man in homophobic attack

Chief tortures man in homophobic attack

Niël Terblanché

CHIEF Frans Goagoseb of the Khomanin Traditional Authority has been arrested on assault charges after he was caught on camera whipping a restrained gay man in what is believed to be a homophobic attack.


The cruelty displayed in the video taken by another person, in which the chief can be heard calling the victim who is tied to a chair a “moffie” – a derogatory word used against gay men – before assaulting him with a donkey whip, blew up on social media, with many gay rights groups demanding for immediate justice.


Goagoseb, a former DTA politician and current Swapo activist in the Omaheke Region, was eventually arrested today with two of his accomplices for assault with intent to cause grievous bodily harm following a sworn statement by his 21-year-old victim.


According to the incident report provided by the Namibian Police, the suspect, in an attempt to get a confession, assaulted and tortured the victim, whom he accused of defrauding him of N$500 on two occasions between 2 and 26 March.


CRUEL TORTURE: Frans Goagoseb can be seen assaulting a young man with a donkey whip. – Footage: Compiled from clips from various contributors.


Before assaulting the victim, the former councillor of Gobabis tied the young man to a chair at his house in Kanaan C in the Epako informal settlement in Gobabis.


After some questioning, Goagoseb attacked the victim with a whip normally used to drive donkeys on a cart.


Goagoseb told police officers that the man he assaulted went to his house pretending to have been sent by a woman who was supposed to receive money from him at the beginning of March.


Goagoseb further claims that the complainant reportedly took possession of N$200 and N$300 on two separate occasions.


He claims that when he realised that the complainant had lied to him, he invited the young man back to his house, where he overpowered and tortured him until he confessed to his crime.


Goagoseb is the founder of the Namibian Democratic Movement for Change (NDMC) and was the party’s presidential candidate in the 2009 Presidential and National Assembly elections.


The NDMC has since been disbanded.


Besides being appointed as a chief for the Khomanin Traditional Authority, he also served as then DTA councillor in Gobabis for two terms.


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