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Another miracle at the Etanga Village

Another miracle at the Etanga Village

Marthina Mutanga

THE 12-year-old Karinaa Tjambiru and the 15-year-old Vekokanavi Tjambiru miraculously survived after the wall of a well collapsed on top of them at Etanga Village near Opuwo on Sunday.

The mother of the two children Veroo Tjambiru said the incident occurred when they went to the well to fetch water on Sunday.

According to Veroo, the children were very lucky in the sense that a neighbour, who also went to the communal well for a drink of water, found them buried in the sand. She said the neighbour told them that the arm and head of the older of the two girls was still above the ground while the younger girl was completely buried.

She said that the neighbour who just happened to pass by, dug the older sister out of the ground and then helped her to uncover the head of the younger sister in order for her to able to breathe again.


RESCUED IN TIME: Members of the community at the Etanga Village near Opuwo in north western Namibia helped to dig a 12-year-old girl from under the ground after the wall of the well collapsed on top of her. – Footage: Courtesy of a resident of the Etanga Village


When the younger girl was able to breathe again the older sister and the neighbour went looking for help and member of the community assisted in digging the younger girl out from under the ground.

The Kunene Regional Police Commander, Commissioner James Nderura, confirmed the incident and said that the girl that still had her head above the sand attempted to dig out her sister.

Commissioner Nderura commended the older girl for her bravery to still try and save her younger sibling while she was herself in danger. He also thanked local police officers and members of the community for saving the younger girl’s life.

According to Commissioner Nderura both girls were taken to hospital for medical treatment afterwards and said that they have since been discharged.

This is the second time in six months that the walls of a water well collapsed on top of a child at the Etanga village.

During October last year the nine-year-old Bethold Koruhama was rescued in the nick of time by members of the community when the same fate befell him.

At the time the little boy fell into the well while he was playing with other children near the deep hole in the ground. The walls of the well collapsed on top of him and while his friends tried to rescue him another went for help and he was dug out still alive from under the sand by members of the community.

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