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Market Recap 22 April – 28 April 2020

Market Recap 22 April – 28 April 2020

The local market was active this week, with the NSX Local index down 1.27% at 551, and the NSX Overall Index up 3.9% at 961. As at 28 April, FirstRand Namibia was the largest local company on the exchange, with market capitalization of N$ 8.95 billion, followed by Namibia Breweries with N$ 8 billion, Capricorn Investment Group with N$ 7.7 billion, and Standard Bank Namibia with N$ 4.4 billion. 


In terms of volume Namibia Breweries lead the market with N$ 403 thousand worth of shares traded, with Paratus Namibia in second place with N$ 123 thousand worth of shares traded. The local currency gained 1.77% against the US Dollar, to close at N$ 18.67 per USD, and gained 0.77% against the British Pound, to close at N$ 23.19 per GBP. It closed at N$ 20.64 against the Euro, a loss of 2.64%.


NSX Local index down FirstRand overall market


Bravura Holdings Limited announced that its delisting on the Mauritius Stock Exchange and moving its primary listing to the Namibian Stock Exchange. It currently has a secondary listing on the NSX. 


The primary listing and delisting is subject to receiving the requisite approvals from its shareholders, as well as all regulatory approvals being obtained, inter alia approvals by the NSX and SEM. The company will communicate relevant timetables as they become available.


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