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Robbery suspected rearrested for bribery

Robbery suspected rearrested for bribery

Eba Kandovazu

A MAN who reportedly tried to bribe a police officer with N$1,000 to make his robbery case disappear was this week arrested.


The suspect, identified as Hofni Melliken, was initially arrested after CCTV footage from Windhoek showed him climbing out of the backseat of a red Sudan that pulled up next to a female pedestrian and grabbing her handbag before disappearing back into the car that drove off.


The police officer, Warrant Simson Haikela, was busy compiling an arresting statement before Melliken requested to talk to him privately.


DAYLIGHT ROBBERY: Footage of the robbery; suspect Hofni Melliken. Video: Contributed


“While I was busy taking his statement, he came next to my ear and told me that he needed to talk to me in private. We went into the other side of the charge office and to my surprise, he offered to pay me in order to let him go. I refused his advances and immediately informed my colleagues,” Haikela told Informanté.


Haikela has urged police officers to refrain from accepting bribes as it will not assist in the combatting of crimes.


“The police must instil fear in the minds of perpetrators and would-be perpetrators. We should carry ourselves in a manner that shows that you cannot just approach police officers with the ideas of paying them bribes and expecting your dirty dealings to be covered. It is actions like these that are tarnishing the good name of Nampol, ” Haikela said.


Melliken this week appeared in a Windhoek court for a charge of bribery.


bribe police officer robbery case disappear arrested
DAYLIGHT ROBBERY: Suspect Hofni Melliken. Photo: Contributed

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