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Amukwelele bail judgement postponed

Amukwelele bail judgement postponed

Zorena Jantze

RAPE accused City Police spokesperson, Fabian Amukwelele, will have to wait until 8 May to hear whether or not he will get bail.


Amukwelele is accused of raping a 27-year-old woman at his flat in Rocky Crest on 11 January this year.


Magistrate Shaatuna Kalla today said that clarity needs to be established on certain aspects of the investigation, such as how there will be no contact between Amukwelele and the complainant as they work together, and postponed the bail hearing to 8 May.


Kalla also inquired on the issue of Amukwelele’s potential to interfere with investigations as there are still two outstanding witness statements.


Defence lawyer Eino Nangolo stated that Amukwelele is employed at the head office of the City police in Northern Industrial area whilst the complainant works for the City of Windhoek as well, but is based in the CBD area.


Amukwelele accused City Police spokesperson rape bail
POSTPONED: Fabian Amukwelele. Photo: Contributed


Nangolo suggested that the court can grant bail on conditions that Amukwelele does not come within 100 meters of the complainant, consequences of violating could be the immediate cancellation of bail.


He further added that Amukwelele’s residence is also located far enough from the complainant’s home and as such, will likely not come into contact with her.


State Prosecutor, Rowan van Wyk, commenting on the outstanding statements, stated that these statements have been received and are from Amukwelele’s landlord as well as the landlords son.


He added that the two witnesses are known to Amukwelele and may be swayed by him.


“The applicant (Amukwelele) was ahead of us with regard to obtaining details on the investigation. His ability to interfere with investigations is a fear that we still have if he were to be released on bail,“ van Wyk said.


He further stated that the only outstanding evidence is the DNA samples, which have not been sent to South Africa due to borders closing on account of the coronavirus pandemic.


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