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A rare sighting

A rare sighting

Gert Jacobie

An aardvark (ant bear) was spotted in broad daylight on Sunday crossing the road between Henties Bay and Cape Cross.


Sighting of these savannah dwellers are rare enough, but running into these nocturnal beasts along a stretch of desert, is almost as unlikely as finding an honest politician in Namibia these days.


Aardvarks are specialist termite hunters, normally found in bushy terrain where ample water and food is available.

This video also indicate that the wanderer most likely hails from Damaraland, seeking new hunting grounds along the way from the rivulets draining into the Atlantic, from where he likely followed a route south, when he was spotted by tourists from South Africa.


The video by one Tollie, who visits Henties Bay often, was produced near a fishing spot called Canopy.


Aardvark meat, unfortunately, is a delicatessen amongst locals in Damaraland, although it is a specially protected species.

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