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Berserker kills toddler with spade

Berserker kills toddler with spade

Niël Terblanché

THE two-year-old Martin Junior Horaseb died horribly when his skull was crushed by his uncle who repeatedly hit him with a spade in yet another senseless killing that seems to be a copy cat action of the Opatululo panga massacre and shocked residents of the Ethiya Village in Omuntele area near Okatope to their core.


The 50-year-old suspect also viciously attacked the little boy’s three-year-old sister and attempted to decapitate her by hitting her with the sharp edge of the spade on her neck. The little girl miraculously survived the attack and was rushed to the Ondanjokwe hospital where she still is in a critical condition.


The attack on the children occurred on Saturday – a day after the three victims of the panga massacre village were buried in a the same grave in the Opatululo – and according to the incident report provided by the Namibian Police the attacker also killed a dog with the spade.

Picture for illustrative purposes only. Photo: Contributed

After killing the little boy and leaving the little girl for dead, the suspect went inside the house where he continued his attack on inanimate objects and causing damage to property.


He moved over to the homestead of a neighbour where he broke the windows of two cars and breaking down the zinc walls of a hut before moving on to a nearby cuca shop where he continued on his path of destruction.


According to the incident report the suspect also broke down the doors of the cuca shop before shocked residents of the village managed to overpower the berserker where they held him down until the police arrived on the scene and arrested the suspect.


The man was charged with murder, attempted murder, cruelty to animals and malicious damage to property and was scheduled to make his first appearance before the Ondangwa magistrate’s court on Monday.

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