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Suicidal man rescued from Swakopmund jetty

Suicidal man rescued from Swakopmund jetty

Niël Terblanché

A MAN from Swakomund had to be rescued from the support structure of the old jetty in Swakopmund after he attempted to commit suicide by jumping into the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean from the iconic landmark.


According to one of the emergency workers involved in the rescue the man jumped from the sea end of the jetty in full view or other people who came to enjoy the view from the structure.


“The people who saw the man jumping into the sea immediately phoned the emergency services who rushed to the scene ready to rescue the man from the water.”

The man however changed his mind about the suicide and swam towards the jetty on his own where he clambered up the supporting structure to get out of the cold water of the Atlantic Ocean.


The emergency worker said that he man, who suffered from a mild degree of hypothermia, received emergency medical treatment after he was hoisted to the safety of the jetty’s deck.


The man told his rescuers that he was in bad financial trouble and that is why he decided to take his own life.


“He told the paramedics that he came to the jetty with his bicycle and that he left a suicide note stuck to it before going out on the structure and jumping into the water. He also said that after only a short while in the cold water and rolling waves he had a change heart and decided to swim back to the jetty.”


The emergency worker said that the man was taken to the Swakopmund State Hospital where he will be kept for observation and possibly receive counselling.

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